Blown-in Attic Insulation

No Holes, No Gaps, Better Insulation

Compared to wall and roof assemblies insulated with batts, assemblies insulated with blown-in insulation usually perform better because they are much less likely to have insulation gaps.
Typical wall and ceiling cavities aren't uniform in size; some are 22 1/2 in. wide, while others are narrow. They can include electrical boxes, wiring, plumbing vents, and blocking. Because of these variations, it's hard to get batt insulation to conform to all the voids in a stud or joist bay.

In contrast, blown-in insulation provides better performance than batts by filling odd-shaped cavities completely.


 The Government of Alberta is giving away rebates of up to $3500 for the installation of new insulation in your home. This includes both spray foam and blown in insulation for attics, basements, and above grade walls.